Saturday, January 16, 2010

1.16.2010 (365/16)

Do I post a pic today (as I just caught up on the last four days pics) or just leave this musing: what I see on my monitor is not at all what most of you see on your computers (I have an HD monitor and was yelled at the other day questioning me as to why I have such HUGE pictures on this page, making people scroll from side-to-side). SO, I shall endeavor to turn on a standard sized laptop for looking at the postings from now on, whenever I have one available.Yes I doSammi and Jeff twisted my arm to be seen on public with them and I went along with them to Peddler's Village. I was good for the economy.
Daughter Samantha and her Golden Retriever Simba. It's a rare thing I let someone pose for a picture - but I liked the composition and went with it. Sammi does not mind posing, and Simba has a mind of his own (sometimes it is aligned with our world, most of the time he is a perfectly domesticated retriever, if you understand what that means...)

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